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Righetti Dante

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The company and the territory

The wine production company Righetti Dante is located at Cavaion, in the heart of Controlled Denomination of Origin territory of wine Bardolino.
Cavaion, town located a few kilometers from Lake Garda, enjoys a privileged location amongst the hills of Lake Garda not only for its spectacular landscape but also for the conformation of the land. Infact, clay and sand, deposited by glaciation during the course of millions of years, has created a calcareous soil rich in nutrients. Lake Garda also has an important moderating effect on the climate of the area.
Such fertile soil and a climate so favorable, combined with an expert care that has always characterized the wine production company Righetti Dante, have allowed our wines to win major awards in competitions in the area.
The Company, founded in 1970 by the constant work of Dante Righetti, has been able to combine tradition and innovation, focusing on the vine and its fruit, keeping unchanged the attention to the various moments of the production of wine.
An ancient knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation and is now continued by Tiziano, the owner of the company, who cultivates on his own six acres of vineyard.

The vines

The sweet hills on which the wine production company Righetti Dante is located make it possible to grow the best grapes of the area: Rondinella, Corvina and Molinara, that characterize the typical composition of our wines. By the clever mix of these grapes was born on Bardolino Classico DOC, the superior quality of Bardolino Classico Superiore DOCG (a wine for connoisseurs, with intense flavors, produced from the best grapes of our fields) and the Chiaretto Classico DOC (Rosé). From white grapes we produce the great Garganega and the Chardonnay.
The Company also has a barrel room with barriques where the higher quality wines are refined to take new flavors and tastes. Among these wines have an important role the Bardolino Classico le Cavajone that takes its name from a particular land, owned by us, on which we grow only selected grapes that produce excellent Bardolino, suitable to refin in barrique.
Finally, we are pleased to offer you the highest quality sweet wines, delicious with dessert, result of a long and meticulous grape selection and drying in wooden boxes.

Marin Sanudo certainly was not wrong when in 1483 wrote in the book Marin Sanudo’s trip for the Venice mainland:
“Et etiam in un colleto apelato Cavagion ne hè perfectissimi vini".
"And in a town called Cavaion are perfect wines".