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Soc. Agr. Bergamini Damiano e Daniele

Our vineyard is situated in the south eastern region of Lake Garda, characterisied by glaciers, and considered since ancient times as one of the areas most suitable for the cultivation of vines . Our family has owned these vineyards since 1904, and even today, following ancient tradition, the vines are cultivated in a way which seeks to safeguard the potential and historic farming culture of the area.
For this reason, it was natural for us to follow the European Community standards promoting eco-friendly agricultural practice and it is from these standards that the guarantee of quality and authenticity of our grapes came into being.

The wine-making is carried out with both respect for tradition and the help of modern technology, guaranteeing an hygienic production process, from which come the various types of wine, which are enjoyed and appreciated by our ever-growing and devoted clientele.
We invite you to visit our vineyards and our farm from where one can enjoy superb views of Lake Garda, and reach, in a short time, the principal tourist attractions of the Garda riviera.